The First Conference on Distributed Governance is for distributed consensus technologists, policy-makers, academics and practitioners looking to exchange insights and experiences on how to use and implement distributed governance.
Athens, 2018 Dec. 7-9
About the conference
Vision & Mission

Sustainable well-being empowered by distributed consensus technology.

To provide a forum for collaboration among those looking to implement new forms of self-organized governance by the use of distributed consensus technology.
Who is it for?

  • Blockchain Infrastructure Tech Providers
  • Organisations which want to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO)
  • Academia
  • Experienced decentralised organisations
  • Legal & Policy Makers
  • Anybody who wants to participate in the distributed governance debate



We invite extraordinary leaders to share valuable insights related to distributed governance. All talks and debates will be livestreamed worldwide. The speakers are carefully chosen and selected. If you would like a speaker position, please submit your talk for careful consideration. We wish that all speakers focus on the core issues and problems we face in order to achieve self-organisation and distributed governance.
focused on principles, techniques, and general solution approaches to distributed governance. Participants will use these to engage with the experts, gain experience, and exchange information. Specific solution workshops are provided in the solution exhibition area
This is a self-organized space with basic rules for effective collaboration. We provide this space for debates and brainstorming with the purpose of finding new ways of self-organisation and to improve distributed governance. We will invite participants in the Unconference to share their discussions and discoveries, which we will then convey on streaming channels.
This is exhibition space for all organisations providing working or prototyped solutions or services related to distributed governance. You have the option to represent your organisation with a booth or via speaker slot on the speaker panel in the exhibition space. Companies which provide Governance Framework, legal advice on DAOs, identity and voting solutions, will be represented herein.
Our Speakers
Vinay Gupta
Luke Duncan
Santiago Siri
Lane Rettig
EIP Organiser
Dimitry De Jonghe
Ocean Protocol
Will Harborne

Brought to the world by
March 8th-10th
At the ETHCC in Paris a debate about governance took place at the last day. As a consequence of this event the EIP#0 inititive and the idea for the #dgov18 conference were formed.
May 5th
RChain provides seed funding to kick off the organisation of the #dgov18 conference.
June 29th
A basic team has formed and the outreach has started
August 1st
Secure funding for conference. Staff full core team to operate at optimum capacity
December 7th-9th
The #dgov18 conference arrives to bring together the brightest people on this planet to find an answers for distributed governance.
Our Advisors
Andrew Tudhope
Lane Rettig
Vlad Zamfir
Luke Duncan
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