Core team
Tim Bansemer
Max Semenchuk
Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer. Speak, Write, Consult on #Decentralization, #Holacracy, #Lean, #DAO.

Partner at 4IRE labs, DAO Foundation, Teal UA
João G. M. Hooks
Astrophysicist, researcher on Saturnian dust and remote sensing technology, turned governance and crypto-finance aficionado, collaborates in functional empowerment, creative development, blockchain consulting, and inter-disciplinary integration of systems and groups.

Twitter: @joaohooks
Linkedin: /in/jgmhooks
Anja Blaj
March 8th-10th
At the ETHCC in Paris a debate about governance took place at the last day. As a consequence of this event the EIP#0 inititive and the idea for the #dgov18 conference were formed.
May 5th
RChain provides seed funding to kick off the organisation of the #dgov18 conference.
June 29th
A basic team has formed and the outreach has started
August 1st
Secure funding for conference. Staff full core team to operate at optimum capacity
December 7th-9th
The #dgov18 conference arrives to bring together the brightest people on this planet to find an answers for distributed governance.